RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 10 Mathematics Solutions for Circles Exercise 8B in Chapter 8 - Circles

Question 6 Circles Exercise 8B

If the angle between two tangents drawn from an external point P to a circle of radius and center O is 60° then find the length of OP.


Since tangents are drawn from an external point are equally inclined to the line joining center to that point. Draw an image based on given instructions:

R S Aggarwal Solutions - Mathematics - Class 10 chapter  Circles Question 6 Solution image

Here, PT is the tangent of the circle OT ⊥ PT And, ∠TPS = 60° (given) ∠TPO = 60°/2 = 30° Now, from right ∆TPO: sin 30° = OT/OP 1/2 = a/OP or OP = 2a

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