RD Sharma Solutions Class 8 Mathematics Solutions for Volume Surface Area Cuboid Cube Exercise 21.1 in Chapter 21 - Volume Surface Area Cuboid Cube

Question 5 Volume Surface Area Cuboid Cube Exercise 21.1

A milk container is 8 cm long and 50 cm wide. What shouldbe its height so that it can hold 4 litres of milk?


Given details are,

Volume = 4 litres = 4000 cm3

Length of a milk container = 8 cm

Breadth of a milk container = 50 cm

Let height of milk container be ‘h’ cm

We know that, l × b × h = 4000 cm3

h = 4000/ (l × b)

= 4000/ (50×8)

= 10cm

Video transcript
[Music] hello dear students i am sunita nair from lido learning and i am here to help you with the sum which says a milk container is 8 centimeters long and 50 centimeters wide what should be its height so that it can hold 4 liters of milk right so obviously this is a rectangular container all right this is a kind of tray which holds the milk a rectangular container now it holds it needs to hold 4 liters of milk right so let's calculate how much is this 4 liters in terms of centimeters in terms of cubic centimeters we have to convert it into cubic centimeters because the dimensions of the milk container are in centimeters so now we know that 1000 cc or one thousand centimeter cube is equal to one liter right therefore four liters would be equal to [Music] 4 into 1000 which is 4000 cubic centimeters right cubic centimeters now this volume that is 4000 cubic centimeters should be contained in a vessel let's say whose dimensions are l into b into h out of which l is given as 8 centimeters and b or the width is given as 50 centimeters right so what is the height the question is what should the height be so in this equation 4000 cubic centimeters equals l into b into h let's substitute the values 4000 equal to 8 into 50 into 8 or our h is equal to 4 000 divided by 8 into 50 right so i've just interchanged the terms here and transposed all the numbers to the other side so that h is on its own so now let's reduce this term we have 5 eights are 0 and 8 cancels with 80 to give us 10. so h is equal to 10 centimeters so this is what the height of the container should be if it has to hold 4 liters of milk thus we have solved this sum [Music] and our answer is height equals 10 centimeters so i hope you understood the solution do drop in a comment if you found any difficulty visit our channel for more homework solutions and subscribe to it for updates as well thank you
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