RD Sharma Solutions Class 8 Mathematics Solutions for Compound Interest Exercise 14.2 in Chapter 14 - Compound Interest

Question 33 Compound Interest Exercise 14.2

What will Rs. 125000 amount to at the rate of 6%, if the interest is calculatedafter every four months?


Given details are,

Principal (p) = Rs 125000

Rate (r) = 6% per annum

Time (t) = 1 year

Since interest is compounded after 4months, interest will be counted as 6/3 = 2% andTime will be 12/4 = 3quarters

By using the formula,

A = P (1 + R/100)^n

= 125000 (1 + 2/100)^3

= 125000 (102/100)^3

= Rs 132651

∴ Amount is Rs 132651

Video transcript
hello students welcome to elitos india's best online classroom my name is shai safirozi class and today we are going to find out the amount but before we go ahead let's quickly see what the question says the question says what will rupees 1 lakh 25 000 amount to at the rate of 6 percent if the interest is calculated after every 4 months okay so here we have got as one lakh 25 000 as our principal and the rate is six percent per annum but we want to calculate after every four months so let us find out for four months first let's jot down the details whatever is given and accordingly we will be calculating it for the four months so my principle is rupees one lakh twenty 25 000 my rate of interest is rupees six percent do remember this is for per annum okay and time period since it is calculating after every four four months this means that is it is calculating for one year because it is per annum so it is for one year okay now since interest you can say here that interest is compounded annually always interest is compounded annually okay so interest will be counted annually but here it is not counted annually so what we are going to do is in this will be compounded as 6 upon 3 so this 6 upon 3 becomes 2 percent correct and our time we are dividing it by 3 because we are calculating after four four months so four four months means it becomes the whole year gets divided into three parts of four months each therefore we are dividing by three so to get two percent as a rate of interest and time since it is of one years one years means it is of 12 months so 12 months and since it's for four months we are calculating for four months your time period would be for three quarter okay so time is three quarter now what we are going to do is we are quickly going dotting down the formula for amount so let's write down the formula for amount so my amount formula would be p principle 1 plus r upon 100 raised to n so my principle as i know that it is 1 lakh twenty five thousand one plus now i know that my new rate of interest would be two percent so i'm writing here as two upon hundred since i want it for four months and my time is three quarters so this is nothing but t or i can say n so this is three quarter so it is three so one lakh twenty five thousand sorry one lakh twenty five thousand now what i am going to do is i am going to calculate the lcm for this particular part so lcm would be 100 so 100 plus 2 would be 102 divided by 100 so this bracket becomes 102 divided by 100 raised to 3 now since this is for thrice i am going to multiply this rise so i am going to get 102 upon 100 into 102 upon 100 into 102 upon 100 so on calculation of this whole thing that is numerators multiply with the numerators and denominators multiply with the denominators and dividing by this or i can just directly take the decimal points i am going to get my amount as 1 lakh 32 600 651 okay so kindly note that we have received our amount as rupees 1 lakh 32 651 so now i am going to write down in the statement form that is amount is rupees 1 lakh 32 651 this is what my answer is okay so that's all for today see you all next time take care till then please subscribe to lilo and do comments don't forget to comments we are waiting for your comments bye
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