RD Sharma Solutions Class 8 Mathematics Solutions for Profit Loss Discount and Value Added Tax Exercise 13.1 in Chapter 13 - Profit Loss Discount and Value Added Tax

Question 7 Profit Loss Discount and Value Added Tax Exercise 13.1

A dealer buys a wristwatch for Rs 225 and spends Rs 15 on its repairs. If he sells the same for Rs 300, find his profit percent.


We know the cost price of wrist watch = Rs 225

Cost of repairing = Rs 15

Total cost = Rs 225 + Rs 15 = Rs 240

Selling price of watch = Rs 300

By using the formula,

Gain = selling price – cost price

= Rs 300 – Rs 240

= Rs 60

By using the formula,

Gain % = (gain/cost price) × 100

= 60/240 × 100

= 25%

Video transcript
"hello students i am rita your math leader tutor and the today's question is a dealer buys a wrist watch for rupees 225 and spent rupees 15 on its repairs if he seems the same for rupees 300 find his profit percent in this question cp is given to us rupees 225 but he spends 15 rupees more on its repairing so we add these 15 rupees to the cost price then we got rupees to 40 rupees and the ceiling price is rupees 300 so the profit percent is prof first of all we find the profit sp minus cp that is 300 minus 240 is equal to 60 now the profit percent is profit by cp into 100 so profit is 60 and cp is 240 into 100 now zero cancel out each other six ones are six fours and four twenty fives are it means the answer is 25 percent this is our answer i hope you like this video so please subscribe leto for more updates and to comment your questions thank you"
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