RD Sharma Solutions Class 8 Mathematics Solutions for Percentage Exercise 12.2 in Chapter 12 - Percentage

Question 16 Percentage Exercise 12.2

A motorist travelled 122 kilometers before his first stop. If he had 10%of hisjourney to complete at this point, how long was the total ride?


Given details are,

Motorist total distance travelled before first stop = 122 km

Journey completed at first stop = 10 %

Let us consider total ride to be travelled be ‘x’ km

So, by calculating

(x/100) × 10 = 122

By cross multiplying we get,

x/100 = 122/10

x = (122 × 100)/10

= 1220 km

∴ Motorist total ride is 1220 km

Video transcript
"hello students i am rita your mass leader tutor and the today's question is a motorist travel 122 kilometers before his first stop if he had 10 percent of his journey to complete at this point how long was the total right so first of all we let the total right let the total right distance is equal to x kilometer so according to question it is given that 10 percent of x is equal to 122 kilo meter 122 kilometer is the 10 of the total rate so we solve this equation is equal to 122 0 0 cancel out so x is equal to 1220 kilo newton so this is our answer the x that is total right is total distance is one thousand two twenty i hope you like this video so please subscribe video for more updates and do comment your questions thank you"
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