RD Sharma Solutions Class 7 Mathematics Solutions for Linear Equations In One Variable Exercise 8.4 in Chapter 8 - Linear Equations In One Variable

Question 13 Linear Equations In One Variable Exercise 8.4

A bag contains 25 paise and 50 paise coins whose total value is Rs 30. If the number of 25 paise coins is four times that of 50 paise coins, find the number of each type of coins.


Let the number of 50 paise coins = x

So, the money value contribution of 50 paise coins in bag = 0.5x.

The number of 25 paise coins in bag = 4x

The money value contribution of 25 paise coins in bag = 0.25 (4x) = x.

According to the question,

⇒ 0.5x + x = 30

⇒ 1.5x = 30

Dividing both sides by 1.5, we get

⇒ 1.5x/1.5= 30/1.5

⇒ x = 20

Thus, the number of 50 paise coins = x = 20,

The number of 25 paise coins = 4x = 4 (20) =80.

Video transcript
"Hey kids, welcome to yet another little Q&A video. I mean, I'm gonna go to dinner and I'm here to help you with the question of the book this week Russian Coast that contains 25% and 50% wines with total value is we study if the number of required by sequences photons that affected by sequence find a number of each type of ones so you have to evaluate here was this equation of simple equation. So let's look at what's given to us. So that contains 25 by The Entity basic ones whose photo is this 30. So this is going to give us our final Vision that you're going to see if the number of in fact my sequins is what is that 50 paise coins the knees now, My point is clearly more than 50 basis points. Now we're going to look at the solution so solution. So since 50 paise coins is lesson number we did left number of 50s. It points the X now. What is the number of data points? Then the for number of milliseconds Maybe? Four times notification points that is for X now. We'll do a little rougher even understand how to approach this problem and Empower final equation it now, what we're going to do is the total amount is 30 which is divided into two parts. We fantasy points in and 50 bicycles. We have 4X divided by C coins and x 50 paise coins. Now if you have 250 patients what will become of so to 50 basis points This one will be 1 right so we get that you multiply 50 machine to do similarly, since you have experience points. The total amount will be given by DX. This is happening fantasy points for X the total amount of given by 25 in 2 for X. That is a hundred X. Okay. Now some of this and is is equal to rupees 30 now coming back to our solution. Okay, so amount in 50 Basic ones will be 0.5 x x will be 0 .5 x + 1 100 x so that is equal to X. So amount in week 5 patacoins. Equal to X now. What is the total total is 0.5 x plus DX is equal to 30 like the 0.5 x gonna take this as 1 by 2. For time being in the calculation it so then we need to as the decimal and then add how we add another connections. So X plus 2 x by 2 is equal to 30 this implies 3 x transpose this year is equal to 30 into again with us. You don't have enough space on board. So I'm going to write the answer. Sure. I'm going to write the answer here. The final answer is Financier will be careful. Number or 25 paise points equal to 4 into 20 is equal to 88. This will help to how much this will Mount to Piggies. Yes. Now number of 50 paise coins equal to X which is equal to 20 plus amount of 10 Rupees. So 10 plus 1 is 33. So this was the video. I hope this will help you. If you have any doubts, please leave a comment below don't forget to like the video and subscribe to our Channel because whenever we post these videos you should be the first to get up notifications will use my guys. Have a good time and see you again in the next video."
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