RD Sharma Solutions Class 7 Mathematics Solutions for Algebraic Expressions Exercise 7.2 in Chapter 7 - Algebraic Expressions

Question 1 Algebraic Expressions Exercise 7.2

Add the following:

(i) 3x and 7x

(ii)-5xy and 9xy


(i) Given 3x and 7x 3x+ 7x = (3 + 7) x

= 10x

(ii) Given -5xy and 9xy -5xy + 9xy = (-5 + 9) xy

= 4xy

Video transcript
"hello student welcome to lido homework let us start solving the question that's given on our screen today add the following so you just need to make sure that the terms that you are adding should be like terms so here it's clearly like terms so you can write it as add the coefficient 3 plus 7 x is equal to 10 x right this is equal to 10 x okay this one again it's like term x y and x y are equal so you just have to subtract or add the coefficient minus 5 plus 9 x y so this is equal to 4 x y clear so if you still have any doubt put a message in the comment section and subscribe to our channel for regular updates bye"
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