RD Sharma Solutions Class 7 Mathematics Solutions for Decimals Exercise 3.2 in Chapter 3 - Decimals

Question 7 Decimals Exercise 3.2

A car covers a distance of 14.75km in one liter of petrol. How much distance itwill cover in 15.5 liters of petrol?


Given that distance covered by car in 1 liter of petrol = 14.75 km

Distance covered by car in 15.5 liters of petrol = 14.75 × 15.5

= 228.625 km

Video transcript
"hello students welcome to lido homework let us start solving the sum that's given on the screen today so what does it read a car covers a distance of 4.7 kilometer in one liter of petrol this is given and now what they are asking how much distance will it cover in 5.5 liters of petrol right so let us start solving distance covered distance covered in one liter of petrol is equal to 14.75 kilometer 14.75 kilometer so therefore distance covered in 15.5 liter of petrol is equal to 14.75 into 15.5 that is equal to rupees 228.625 this is a simple decimal multiplication i hope it's all clear if you still have any doubt put a message in the comment section and subscribe to our channel for regular updates bye"
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