RD Sharma Solutions Class 7 Mathematics Solutions for Data Handling-Probability Exercise 25.1 in Chapter 25 - Data Handling-Probability

Question 1 Data Handling-Probability Exercise 25.1

A coin is tossed 1000 times with the following frequencies:

Head: 445, Tail: 555

When a coin is tossed at random, what is the probability of getting?

(i) A head?

(ii) A tail?


Given total number of times a coin is tossed = 1000

Number of times a head comes up = 445

Number of times a tail comes up = 555

(i) Probability of getting head = number of heads/total number of trails

= (445/1000)

= 0.445

(ii) Probability of getting tail = number of tail/total number of trails

= (555/1000)

= 0.555

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"hey kids welcome to lido q a video and we need your little tutor bringing you this question on your screen in the figure ad is the median ad is the median therefore bd should be equal to cd bm and cr are perpendicular strong right so these angles are 90 degrees from b and c respectively and a d and a d produced okay not a d and a d but yeah a d n a d produced prove that b m equals to c n so what is given to us given to us is a d is the median okay and angle bmd is equal to angle cnd is equal to 90 degrees to prove we have to prove bm is equal to cn so let us look at the proof in triangle bmd and triangle c and d we have bd equal to dc since a d is medium right angle bmd is equal to angle c and d which is given to us and angle bdm is equal to angle cdn right because they are vertically opposite angles now if you look the side bd and dc are not included therefore by angle angle side congruency triangle bdm is congruent to triangle cd n therefore we can say bm equal to cn isn't that easy guys right so if you have a doubt please leave a comment below i'll see you in our next video until then bye kids keep practicing do like the video and subscribe to our channel"
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