RD Sharma Solutions Class 7 Mathematics Solutions for Percentage Exercise 11.6 in Chapter 11 - Percentage

Question 3 Percentage Exercise 11.6

A box contains 60 eggs. Out of which 16(2/3) % are rotten ones. How many eggs are rotten?


Given that total number of eggs = 60

Number of eggs rotten = 16 (2/3) % of 60 eggs

= 16.66 % of 60 eggs

= (16.66/100) × 60

= 10 eggs

Therefore number of eggs rotten = 10

Video transcript
"hello students welcome to lido homework so this is the question that you see on the screen is the one we are going to solve it today so a box contains 60 eggs out of which 16 2 by 3 percent are rotten right rotten ones so how many eggs are rotten so obviously the percentage is given you just need to calculate so number of rotten eggs is equal to 16 to by three person means out of hundred off into 60 eggs that's it so now you need to further simplify 16 2 by 3 can be further simplified as 50 by 3 and this 100 is already there in denominator so we are just writing it over here into 60 so this 0 0 and this 0 0 gets cancelled and 3 2's are six so you have five into two ten eggs okay clear if you have any doubts please please put a message in the comment section and keep subscribing to our channel thank you "
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