RD Sharma Solutions Class 7 Mathematics Solutions for Unitary Method Exercise 10.1 in Chapter 10 - Unitary Method

Question 12 Unitary Method Exercise 10.1

52 packets of 12 pencils each, cost Rs 499.20. Find the cost of 65 packets of 10 pencils each.


Given total number of pencils in 52 packets of 12 pencils each = 52 × 12

= 624 pencils

Also given that cost of 624 pencils = Rs 499.20

Cost of 1 pencil = (499.20/624)

Number of pencils in 65 packets of 10 pencils each = 65 x 10

= 650 pencils

Therefore, cost of 650 pencils = (499.20/624) × 650

= Rs 520.

Video transcript
"Hello guys, welcome to the question is 52 packets off 12 inches each cost rupees 499 .20 find the cost of 65 packets of ten pence each. So let's write down what we know from the question. So here we go. So given total number of cancers in 32 bucket of 12 inches deep. So how many fences are there in 4 people packets where each packet contains 12 inches. So we have x 52 and 12 so that will be equal to 52 x 12 and that is equal to 6 and 24. So also given that cost of 64 pieces in question. We know that 50 buckets of 12 pounds of each post rupees 499 .20 total cost of 624 pounds will be rope is four hundred ninety nine point two zero. So this four hundred ninety nine point two zero. So what will be the cost of one until we got the power 6 and 24 pencil, but what is the cost of one person? So in that case we have to divide four hundred ninety nine point two zero by 624. So this will be the quarterback position now in the ocean we have to calculate the cost of 65 pockets of tensile region. How many fences had 65 and tank to get total number of pencils? So you have to get 65 x then that will equal to so what will be the cost of success depends as we know that cost of one pixel is 499 .20 upon 6624 then what will be the cost of six fifteen inches, so we want to multiply this x of t with this amount then we'll get the answer. So here we'll get four ninety nine point four zero upon 6 24 x 650 so it's kind of like this. So 499 120 upon 6 24 x 650 you haven't answered is 24 and 49.0 tightly will get zero point it when multiplied by 0.8 and 650. The answer will be 5 20. So total cost of 650 pencil is Phi by T so we can conclude from here that therefore. Cost of 65 bucket Of ten pencils each will be lupus 520. That's it. It was quite simple. I hope you have understood how you saw the entire solution. If you have questions leave a comment below and subscribe this channel for more videos. Thank you so much for watching."
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