RD Sharma Solutions Class 7 Mathematics Solutions for Unitary Method Exercise 10.1 in Chapter 10 - Unitary Method

Question 1 Unitary Method Exercise 10.1

20 chocolates cost Rs 320. Find the cost of 35 such chocolates.


Given cost of 20 chocolates = Rs 320 Cost of 1 chocolate = (320/20) Therefore, the cost of 35 chocolates = (320/20) × 35 = Rs 560

Video transcript
"Hello guys, welcome to the homework. My name is Emma. And I'm a little shorter. Let's start with question. The question here is 20 chocolate cause Toby's 320 final boss of 35 chocolates. So will I thought what are things we know from the question? Okay, even at the cost of 20 chocolates from the questioning with a $20 it's cause you to be discreet when T. So here we'll get rupees play 20 then what is the cost of one talking so already by 3 20 by 20 so this will give the cost of one chocolate but in the ocean we have to find out cost of $35 cakes. So what we'll do they multiply whatever answer we got in a second step by 31, but in the InStep the answer this Wendy of 120 so we multiply this with another litter and so this is x 30, but now let's all this one and get the answer. So here it is 320 upon 20 x 35 so you can cancel your weight on your own later. You can cancel 32 + 2 which is 2 ones are and this is 216 is up now 60 x 35 will be going to 560. So therefore we can conclude that first off that for the cost of 35 chocolate Is group is 560. That's it because solution your I hope you have understood how we got the solution. If you have a question leave a comment below and subscribe to this channel for more videos. Thank you so much for watching."
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