RD Sharma Solutions Class 7 Mathematics Solutions for Integers Exercise 1.3 in Chapter 1 - Integers

Question 5 Integers Exercise 1.3

120 – 20 ÷ 4


Given 120 – 20 ÷ 4

According to BODMAS rule we have operate division first then we have to do multiplication

Therefore 120 – 20 ÷ 4 = 120 – 5 = 115

Video transcript
It is how you guys welcome to little Q&A video and beneath and Emily daughter here to help you solve this problem on the screen 120 minus 20 divided by 4. So the most common state students that we make in this is the forward forget to apply the rule of once. So you guys remember - yeah. So what - so that it Off a Visa Modification addition and subtraction. So we have a GitHub know we have a division. Yes. We are going to solve the division first 20 by 4 is 20 divided by 4 is fine now no manipulation addition. We have a subtraction this one operation left. There is one more thing so very easy guys. Okay, so you have dog, please leave a comment below if you like the video and do subscribe to our Channel because we try to solve all your problems and listen to the videos. So as you in our next video, it isn't my kids. Have fun. Be safe Andy practice
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