NCERT Exemplar Solutions Class 9 Mathematics Solutions for Statistics and Probability - Exercise 14.1 in Chapter 14 - Statistics and Probability

Question 8 Statistics and Probability - Exercise 14.1

A grouped frequency table with class intervals of equal sizes using 250-270 (270 not included in this interval) as one of the class interval is constructed for the following data :

268, 220, 368, 258, 242, 310, 272, 342,

310, 290, 300, 320, 319, 304, 402, 318,

406, 292, 354, 278, 210, 240, 330, 316,

406, 215, 258, 236.

The frequency of the class 310-330 is:

(A) 4

(B) 5

(C) 6

(D) 7


(C) 6


Arranging the following data in a table, we get,

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Therefore, we get from the above table,

The frequency of the class 310-330 is = 6

Hence, option (C) is the correct answer.

Video transcript
"hello student welcome to the leader doubt solving session and in today's session we are going to solve one question related to frequency distribution all right okay so some data is given here right a few numbers are given here and okay with this given data we need to find it out the frequency of the class 310 to 330. all right okay so let's solve this question okay so okay according to the question okay uh one of the class interval is given here right so the given class interval given class interval okay that is 250 to 270 all right okay which is given here and that's why okay what we will do will quickly okay find out the size okay size of the class okay so size will be 270 minus 250 which is equal to 20 all right so this will be the size okay now i'm going to find out okay we are going to find out okay the frequency for the class of right okay we are going to find out we are going to to find frequency for okay class interval of class interval of 310 to 330 all right okay so what i will do okay i will find out the numbers between the this class right so okay numbers i will find out the values okay or the numbers numbers okay between 310 okay and 300 to 330 right okay i will exclude the upper limit here all right so these numbers are okay let's check the numbers in the given data right so the first number okay 310 the first number okay 310 is repeated here okay 320 is also there 319 are also there okay 318 is also there okay and okay 316 is also there all right so i will quickly you can note down these numbers so the first number is 310 okay second one is okay again 310 is repeated right so i will write it down twice 320 319 okay 318 okay and the last number is 316 all right okay so okay this total num okay totals are six numbers right that means okay numbers of number numbers of number okay between okay 310 to 330 which is equals to 6 okay that's why okay frequency for the given class frequency for class interval 3 10 2 3 30 will be 6 all right that means option c is correct here all right so that's all about today's session if you have any doubt please leave the comment below and please subscribe to this channel so that you will get all the notification for upcoming videos thanks for watching the video bye "
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