NCERT Exemplar Solutions Class 9 Mathematics Solutions for Circles - Exercise 10.2 in Chapter 10 - Circles

Question 5 Circles - Exercise 10.2

Through three collinear points a circle can be drawn.




A circle through two points cannot pass through a point which is collinear to these two points.

Hence, the given statement is false.

Video transcript
"hello student and welcome on a lead or doubt solving session again and in today's doubt solving session we are going to discuss one more problem related to geometry all right okay so i will quickly read the problem first the statement is given here right through three collinear points a circle can be drawn right there is a statement and we need to check whether this statement is correct or not all right okay so by just reading the statement we can just conclude that okay this statement is wrong right or it is a false statement right because circle can be passed through the okay two collinear collinear point but it cannot pass through the three collinear points right okay let's understand this with some okay what i will do to understand this in a better manner okay i will draw a circle right so i will draw a circle quickly okay i have drawn the circle right okay now what i will do i will draw one more line here all right okay all right now what i will do i will just specify the point okay this is point a okay this is point b right and on this line okay i will locate okay the third point anyway right okay what i will do i will okay just look at at the center right this is point c so now if you carefully observe that the circle is passing through point a and b right the circle is passing through okay point a point a and point b right but it does not pause from the point c right though c is the center of the circle but the circle is not passing from point c right okay that means the circles can be passed through the two collinear points but it cannot be passed from the third linear points all right that's why this statement is false all right okay so that's all about today's session hope you like this video if you have any doubt please do comment below and please subscribe to this channel bye "
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