NCERT Exemplar Solutions Class 8 Mathematics Solutions for Comparing Quantities - Exercise in Chapter 9 - Comparing Quantities

Question 24 Comparing Quantities - Exercise

15% increase in price of an article, which is Rs.1,620, is the increase of _______ .




Let x is the price of the article.

Thus, as per given question;

1620 = x + x × (15/100)

1620 = 115x/100

115x = 1620 × 100

x = (1620×100)/115

x = 1408

Hence, increase in price = 1620 – 1408 = 212.

Video transcript
"hello students i am rita your mass leader tutor and today's question is 15 increase in price of an article which is rupees 1620 is the increase of first of all in this question we let price of article is equal to rupees x let price of article is equal to rupees x and the question according to question it is given that x plus 15 percent of facts is equal to 1 620 now we solve this equation x plus 15 by 100 x is equal to 1620 now we take the lcm calcium is 100 so it becomes 100x plus 15x is equal to 1620 so it becomes 115 by 100x is equal to 160 1620 so the value of x is equal to 1620 in 200 divided by 115 so five twos are ten five threes are fifteen five to seven zero when we solve this equation we got the values of rounded off value that is one thousand four hundred eight but we have to find the increase how much increase so the increase is equal to rupees 1620 minus rupees 1408 so we got 10 minus 8 to 1 two so 212 is the answer so rupees 212 is the answer i hope you like this video so please subscribe video for more updates and do comment your questions thank you "
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