NCERT Exemplar Solutions Class 8 Mathematics Solutions for Data Handling - Exercise in Chapter 2 - Data Handling

Question 196 Data Handling - Exercise

A glass jar contains 6 red, 5 green, 4 blue and 5 yellow marbles of same size. Hari takes out a marble from the jar at random. What is the probability that the chosen marble is of red colour?

(a) 7/10 (b) 3/10 (c) 4/5 (d) 2/5Question 196 Image - NCERT Exemplar Solutions - Mathematics - class 8 chapter Data Handling


(b) 3/10

Probability can be defined as the ratio of the number of favourable outcomes to the total number of outcomes of an event. The number of positive results for an experiment with 'n' outcomes can be represented by the symbol x. The formula to compute the likelihood of an event is as follows.

Probability(Event) = Positive Results/Total Results = x/n

Probability = total number of red marbles/ Total number of marbles

= 6/20 … [divide numerator and denominator by 2]

= 3/10NCERT Exemplar Solutions - Mathematics - class 8 chapter Data Handling Question 196 Solution image

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