NCERT Exemplar Solutions Class 8 Mathematics Solutions for Introduction to Graphs - Exercise in Chapter 12 - Introduction to Graphs

Question 27 Introduction to Graphs - Exercise

A line graph can also be a whole unbroken line.




A graph which has whole unbroken lines are called linear graph.

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"hello bacho hi i'm devdaval tutor at leader learning i teach maths and science and these two subjects are my most favorite subjects so today i have a question a line graph can also be a whole unbroken line so is it true or false it's a true first question so basically it will be false now why false because see the definition will be a graph okay a graph which has which has whole unbroken line okay which has a whole unbroken lines are called we all know that are called linear graphs are called linear graphs so that's why it's false so we have our answer as false okay so i hope you like this video do subscribe to our channel for more updates if you have any question or query do comment in our comment section hope to see you soon in lido have a great day ahead thank you for watching this video take care of yourself bye bye"
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