NCERT Exemplar Solutions Class 8 Mathematics Solutions for Mensuration - Exercise in Chapter 11 - Mensuration

Question 1 Mensuration - Exercise

A cube of side 5 cm is painted on all its faces. If it is sliced into 1 cubic centimetre cubes, how many 1 cubic centimetre cubes will have exactly one of the

(a) 27 (b) 42 (c) 54 (d) 142


The correct answer is option (c) 54


Given: The cube side = 5 cm

The side of cube 5cm is cut into 5 equal parts, in which each of 1 cm. Therefore, the total number of cubes of side 1 cm = 25 + 25 + 25 + 25 + 25 = 125.

In one face of cube, there are total of 9 small cubes painted.

We know that, there are 6 faces in cube.

Thus, total of 9 x 6 faces will have one face painted. (i.e.) 54

Video transcript
"hello bacho hi i am devdal tutor at lido learning i teach math and science and i love these two subjects so we'll be doing a question from maths a sum from maths what's the given question a cube of a site five centimeter is painted on all it faces it's given the cube of side five centimeters painted all its fetches if it slides into one cubic centimeter cube then we have to find how many one cubic centimeter cubes will exactly have one of the dash or one of the following answer so one answer is correct over here so what we have to find we have to find how many one cubic centimeter cubes will have exactly one side of face tk so now it's given it's given that it's given in the question it's already given in the question that the cube side cube side is of 5 centimeter cube side is given as 5 centimeter now we can write it down here we can also write it down here that the side okay the side of cube of cube five centimeter is cut is cut into how many parts five equal parts five equal parts so we can also write in which each of one centimeter parts are there so the side of cube five centimeter is cut into five equal parts in which each of them are of one centimeter therefore we can write therefore we can write what we can write therefore the total number of cube will be the total number of cube will be or the total number of cube of side will be how much it's given already 1 centimeters will be equals to 25 plus 25 plus 25 plus 25 plus 25 so by calculating we'll be having the value equals to 125 so one face of a cube of cube one face of cube are what one face of cube will be equals to 125 so there are how many faces six faces so there are six faces in cube thus does what does again we can see this total of nine multiplied with six will faces faces will be will be or will have to be painted okay we'll have faces painted okay we'll have faces painted so we'll be having the correct answer 9 into 6 we know 9 into 6 is how much 9 into 6 is 9 multiplied by 6 is 54 so the correct answer will be which one option c so option c is the correct answer i'm highlighting this answer for you better answer part options is the correct option i hope you like this video if you do subscribe to our channel if you have any question query or doubts do comment and reach to us see you soon in lido have a great day ahead thank you for watching this video bye bye"
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