NCERT Exemplar Solutions Class 8 Mathematics Solutions for Squares and Square Roots & Cubes and Cube Roots - Exercise in Chapter 3 - Squares and Square Roots & Cubes and Cube Roots

Question 82 Squares and Square Roots & Cubes and Cube Roots - Exercise

363 × 81 is a perfect cube.



So, factors of 363 × 81 are

3 × 11 × 11 × 3 × 3 × 3 × 3

= 3^3 × 11 × 11 × 3 × 3

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hello welcome to leader homework today we are going to see a question that is fill in the blanks we have a two i find the blanks with us we are going to write down answers for each one okay let me write down here so you can it can be clear for you and writing down in this case yeah here so for the first one a one answer is yeah a one answer what is the given thing one meter cube is equal to dance that centimeter cube one meter cube is equals to ten power six okay ten power six you can write it down where you can write ten power six six centimeter cube okay yeah so when i done this way in power six now found the next one the volume of an irregular solid is determined by method of dash okay it can be determined by a method of displacement of liquid yeah so what about next one next one is c and we see for this next one c what is the given volume of q is dash equals to dash so see one answer is volume of cube is cube offside cube off side okay cube off side the next one for the d they're asking the area of an irregular lamina is measured by using a what graph paper we can measure it by graph paper okay then next one that is e what is the answer for even mass equals to density into volume f1 what is f1 the essential density is you know a center of density it is kg per meter cube kg by meter power 3 so we have it in this way g okay this is the answer one gram centimeter one gram per centimeter cube equals to dash kg per meter cube it is going to be thousand and h1 you can write it as 36 kilometer per hour equals to dash meter per second 36 km you can do it using the formula converting the mid kilometers into meters and hours into second if you do it it will be 10 distance travel equals to d equals to speed into time i1 is speed into time and just writing the missing blanks over here so you can define this box for the answers okay i hope you understood this video subscribe to this channel for regular updates and thank you for watching this video
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