NCERT Exemplar Solutions Class 7 Mathematics Solutions for Comparing Quantities - Exercise in Chapter 7 - Comparing Quantities

Question 29 Comparing Quantities - Exercise

15 kg is _______ % of 50 kg.


15 kg is 30 % of 50 kg.

Let us assume the percentage be P.

So, P% of 50 kg =15 kg

(P/100) × 50 = 15

P = (15 × 100)/50

P = 1500/50

P = 150/5

P = 30

Video transcript
hello students my name is Prabhat Singh and I welcome you all to lido learning homework India's best online classes now today in this video we will be solving the given question what is the question 15 kg is what percent of 50 kg now this is a very basic question first of all what you have to do you have to convert the given statement in the form of equation so what we will do we will write 15 in the numerator and we have to find the percentage of what 50 kg so that will come in the denominator now this is a percentage question so we will multiply the given expression by 100 so now zero and zero will get canceled out five ones of five and fifteen are divisible by five three times so now three multiplied by ten that is 30 so our answer for the given question is 30 so you will write here 30 I hope you have understood each and every concept of the video if you have any doubt you can comment on the comment box do subscribe and like our channel for lido thank you
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