NCERT Exemplar Solutions Class 7 Mathematics Solutions for Simple Equations - Exercise in Chapter 4 - Simple Equations

Question 50 Simple Equations - Exercise

5 is the solution of the equation 3x + 2 = 17.



Consider the eqaution, 3x + 2 = 17

Transpose 2 to RHS then it becomes – 2.

3x = 17 – 2

3x = 15

x = 15/3

x = 5

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"hello students i am data your mass leader tutor and the today's question is the amount of extension in an elastic string varies directly with the weight hung on it if a weight of 250 gram produces an extension of 3.5 centimeter find the extension produced by the weight of 700 gram so in this question we make a table between the weight and the extension extension which is in centimeter and weight which is in graph if extension is 3.5 then weight is 250 if weight is 700 we have to find the extension but in question it is said that it varies directly so it's a case of direct variation so it's a case of direct variation and in direct variation k is equal to x by y so 3.5 divided by 250 is equal to x divided by 700 so the value of x is equal to 700 into 3.5 we cross multiply here we cross multiply it and 250 and 250 is divided by so 0 0 cancel and if we remove this point remove this point we got ten so this zero cancel out this zero now twenty five fives are sorry five fives are twenty five five sevens are now it becomes 49 by five seven sevenths of 49 divided by 5 and 49 is divided by 5 we got 9.8 grams so this is our answer i hope you like this video so please subscribe video for more updates and do comment your questions thank you "
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