NCERT Exemplar Solutions Class 6 Mathematics Solutions for Exercise in Chapter 8 - Ratio and Proportion

Question 36 Exercise

20m : 70m = Rs 8 : Rs ______.


20m : 70m = Rs 8 : Rs 28.

Let us assume the missing number be P.

Then, 20m : 70m = ₹ 8 : ₹ P

20/70 = 8/p

P = (70 × 8)/20

P = 560/20

P = 56/2

P = 28

Therefore, 20m : 70m = Rs 8 : Rs 28.

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"hello students welcome to lido q a video session i am saf your math tutor and question for today is the radius of the cone is 5 centimeter its vertical height is 12 centimeter find the area of the curved surface to find the area of the curve surface we have been given certain data that is the radius of the cone that is r and that is given is 5 centimeter height of the cone that is h and that is 12 centimeter and the slant height l that we need to find to find slant height we know l square is equal to h square plus r square so l square will be equal to 5 square or first you can write height that is 12 square plus 5 square and then you have 144 plus 25 and that is 169 that is your l square hence taking root on both the sides you will get l is equal to 1 3 13 that is your slant height that is 13 centimeter now curved surface area of a cone can be given by formula which is pi r l okay take pis 3.14 radius that is given 5 centimeter and slant height we have found to be 13 centimeter so here we have car surface area as 204.28 centimeter square therefore we can finally write our statement that curved surface area of a cone will be equal to 204.28 centimeter square and that is our final answer if you have any doubt you can post it in our comment section and subscribe to leto for more such interesting q a thank you for watching "
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