NCERT Exemplar Solutions Class 6 Mathematics Solutions for Exercise in Chapter 8 - Ratio and Proportion

Question 16 Exercise

3/8 = 15/40



Consider the two fractions, 3/8 = 15/4

15/40 is further simplified by dividing both numerator and denominator by 5 we get,


Therefore, 3/8 = 3/8

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"hello students welcome to lido q a video session i am sef your math tutor and question for today is the length breadth and the height of the room are 5 meter 4 meter and 3 meter respectively find the cost of whitewashing the walls of the room and the ceiling at the rate of rupees 7.50 per meter square length of the room is given that is l 5 meter breadth of the room b is 4 meter and height of the room h is 3 meter it can be observed that the four walls and the ceiling room are to be white washed so total area to be whitewashed will be equal to total area of the wall plus area of the ceiling of the room and that will be equal to 2 into length into height plus breadth into height plus length into breadth so this is how we find the sum of two areas area of the wall is two into length into height plus breadth into height bracket plus area of ceiling that is length into breath now we will substitute substitute each of this value 2 into bracket of length into height that is 5 into 3 plus breadth into height that is 4 into 3 plus land into breath 5 to 4 so it will give you 30 plus 24 plus 20 and that is 74 so 74 meter square is our area also we can find the cost of whitewash per meter square that is cost of whitewash we can find cost of white was for the whole area it is given that the cost of whitewash per meter square is given in the question that is 7.50 rupees so cost of whitewash for whole area will be equal to so here cost will be equal to 7.50 into obtained area that is 74 and that is equal to rupees 555 hence finally we have found the area total area to be white was and after total area we have found we have found the cost of white wall for the whole area so cost of whitewash is rupees 555 555. if you have any query you can post it in our comment section and subscribe to lido for more such q a thank you for watching "
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