NCERT Exemplar Solutions Class 6 Mathematics Solutions for Exercise in Chapter 7 - Algebra

Question 20 Exercise

4/2 = 2 denotes a

(A} numerical equation

(B} algebraic expression

(C} equation with a variable

(D} false statement



(A) numerical equation

4/2 = 2

By cross multiplication we get,


Video transcript
"hello students welcome to lido q a video session i am saf your math tutor and question for today is praveen wanted to make a temporary shelter for her car by making a box like structure with the carpal in that covers all the four sides in the top of the car with the front face as a flap which can be rolled up assuming that the stitching margins are very small and therefore negligible how many dart power lines would be required to make the shelter of the height 2.5 meter with base dimensions 4 meter into 3 meter so here first of all length breadth and height we have to make clear so length breadth and height of the shelter is given to be length is if 4 meter breadth is 3 meter and height is 2.5 meter that is clear from the question now tarpaulin will be required for the top and the four wall side of the center so using the formula the area of the tarpaulin required will be written as we can write area formula here as 2 into length into height plus breadth into height plus length into breath as it is covering the top we have length into height and four side walls that is length into height plus breadth into height so that is how formula is designed now let us put the values of length breadth and height so area will be equal to 2 into 4 into 2.5 plus 3 into 2.5 and outside it there is length into height that is 4 into 3. and that will be equal to 47 we can write one more step here that is 2 into 10 plus 7.5 plus 12 meter square so it will be equal to 47 meter square therefore 47 meters square we can write here powerpoint can be required and that is our final answer that 47 meter square area of the tarpaulin will be required to cover roof and the side walls so if you have any query you can drop it in our comment section and subscribe to lido for more such q a thank you for watching "
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