NCERT Exemplar Solutions Class 6 Mathematics Solutions for Exercise in Chapter 4 - Fractions and Decimals

Question 59 Exercise

(7 /12) + (11/12) = 3/2


Consider Left Hand Side (LHS),

Sum of like fractions= (7 /12) + (11/12)

= (7 + 11)/12

= 18/12

Divide both numerator and denominator by 6, we get,

= 3/2

Right Hand Side (RHS) = 3/2

By comparing LHS and RHS,


3/2 = 3/2

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"hello students welcome to lido q a video session i am saf your math tutor and question for today is abc and adc are two right triangles with common hypotenuse ac prove that angle cad equals to angle cbd we know that ac is common so ac is common hypotenuse angle b and angle d is 90 degree so angle b equal to angle d equal to 90 degree now it has to be proven that angle cad equal to angle cbd now you can see the figure angle abc and angle adc are 90 degrees now since abc and adc are 90 degree it can be said that they lie on the semicircle so since abc and adc are 90 degree they lie on the semicircle remember the angle which is formed inside the semicircle is 90 degree so triangle abc and adc are in the semicircle they are right triangles and point a b c and d are con cyclic hence cd is the chord of the circle with center o we can say that and we know that angles which are in the same segment of the circle are always equal so here two angles angle cad and angle cbd they are in the same segment of the circle so they are equal and angle cad is equal to angle cbd is the required proof hands prove if you have any queries you can drop it in our comment section and subscribe to lido for more such q a thank you for watching"
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