NCERT Exemplar Solutions Class 6 Mathematics Solutions for Exercise in Chapter 5 - Data Handling

Question 28 Exercise

6/11 and 6/13 are ______ proper fractions


6/11 and 6/13 are unlike proper fractions.

The denominators are different, then they are called unlike fractions.

Video transcript
"hello kids welcome to little homework my name is hema and i'm a lawyer tweeter and here we have a question hamid has built a cubicle water tank with a lid for his house with each other edge 1.5 meter long he gets the outer surface of the tank excluding the base covered with the square tiles of a side 25 centimeter find how much he need to spend for tiles if the cost of a tile is rupees 360 per dozen okay so he has built a cubicle water tank with this edges 1.5 meter long so you first try to find out a total surface area where it has a five faces so let's do it so each edge is 1.5 meter or we can write this as 150 centimeter then total surface area will be of water tank since it is a five faces so it will be five into side square so this is 5 into 150 centimeter multiplied by 150 centimeter so we're not multiplying the answer because we require to cancel this further so we'll leave the answer as it is here so this is a total surface area of water tank now we'll find out the surface area of the each tile now even the tile is a square shape so surface area surface area formula is side into side so each side is 25 centimeters so 25 centimeter multiplied by 25 centimeter now here we have to find out how many number of tiles he require for that what we're going to do we're going to divide total surface of the water tank and the surface area of the each tile then we'll get the number of tiles so here surface area of tile yes so number of tiles will be equal to total surface area of water tank upon surface area of tile so we're going to substitute the value here so this is 5 multiplied by 150 multiplied by 150 upon 25 into 25 so we can cancel 5 and 25 so here we'll get 5 ones are and 5 5's are 25 and again 5 ones are and 5 30's are and this is 25 ones are and 25 six are so here we'll get 180 so total he require 180 tiles to build the tank but we will find out the cost also we have given that cost of the tile is 360 rupees per dozen so we're going to find out cost per tile will be how much so cost per tile so total 360 rupees for 12 tiles that is a dozen tile means 12 tiles are there so for one tile so cost of one tile we can write down here so cost of one tile will be equal to 360 upon 12 so you can cancel this you will get 30. so cost of each tile is 30 like that we have a 180 tiles so therefore cost of 180 tile will be equal to 180 multiplied by 30 so this is 5400 so total cost is 5400 so that's it you're done with the solution i hope you have understood this if any questions or doubts you can leave a comment below and subscribe to this channel for more videos thank you so much for watching "
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