NCERT Exemplar Solutions Class 6 Mathematics Solutions for Exercise in Chapter 4 - Fractions and Decimals

Question 26 Exercise

7 /19 is a _____ fraction.


7 /19 is a proper fraction.

A fraction whose numerator is less than the denominator is called a proper fraction.

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"hello kids welcome to lido homework my name is hema and i'm a little tutor and here we are question find the lateral surface area and total surface area of a cube of the edge 10 centimeter let's start doing it so they have given edge of the cube is 10 centimeter that is side so side of cube is 10 centimeter right we're going to find out two things here one is a lateral surface area and one is total surface area so lateral surface area formula is four into side square we'll write down the formula lateral surface area is equal to 4 into side square so we'll substitute what we know from the question so 4 into side which is 10 centimeter so 10 square so we'll get here 4 multiplied by 100 centimeter square so which is 400 centimeter square so this is lateral surface area similarly we're going to find out total surface area of the cube but total surface area is given as total surface area face area is 6 into side square so we'll substitute in this formula so 6 into side they have given is 10 so 10 square or 10 centimeter square so from here we'll get 6 into 100 which is 600 centimeter square so we got total surface area and we got little surface area we just use this formula to substitute in this and that's it we got the solution i hope you have understood this if you have any questions or doubts you can leave a comment below and subscribe to this channel for more videos thank you so much for watching"
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