NCERT Exemplar Solutions Class 6 Mathematics Solutions for Exercise in Chapter 4 - Fractions and Decimals

Question 25 Exercise

18/5 is an ____ fraction.


18/5 is an improper fraction.

A fraction whose numerator is greater than the denominator is called an improper fraction.

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"hello students welcome to leader q a video session i am saf your math tutor question for today is each edge of the cube is increased by 50 find the percentage increase in the surface area of the queue let the edge of the queue be a now surface area of the cube having h a can be given by six a square that is six into side square let this name as equation number one as given a new edge after increasing the at fifty percent we get here the increase in the edge is 50 by 50 so let the increase in edge by 50 d that is 50 percent of the initial that is initial edge was a plus 50 percent of a that is 50 into a divided by 100 and that is 3a upon 2. now the surface area of the cube having a h3 upon 2 can be given by 6 into side square at the side is 3a upon 2 holes square side this is the side square now this will give you surface area which is equal to 27 by 2 a square now we have to find the increase in the surface area so increase in the surface area can be given by 27 by 2 a square minus 6 a square this is taken from this 1 and 2 equations so you have to subtract the initial surface area from after surface area after the increase that is 27 a square minus 6 a square and this will give you 15 by 2 a square now it is asked in the question to find the percentage increase so here we have to convert this into percentage so percentage increase in surface area will be equal to 15 by 2 a square divided by 6 a square into hundred so here six a square was the initial surface area we divide this increase by our total initial surface area and multiplied by hundred to find the percentage so you will get percentage increase the same thing that is equal to 15 upon 12 into 100 and that is 125 percent so finally that is our percentage increase in the surface area of a cube which is 125 percent so if you have got any doubt you can drop it down in our comment section and subscribe to liro for more such interesting q a thank you for watching"
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