NCERT Exemplar Solutions Class 6 Mathematics Solutions for Exercise in Chapter 4 - Fractions and Decimals

Question 17 Exercise

Which of the following decimals is the smallest?

(A) 0.27

(B) 1.5

(C) 0.082

(D) 0.103


(c) 0.082

First we have to convert given decimals into like decimals= 0.270, 1.50, 0.082, 0.103

Now, by comparing 4 decimal numbers, 0.082 is the smallest.

Video transcript
welcome to leader homework my name is nirasena today we are going to see which of the following decimals is the smallest one so they're asking for the which of them is going to be the smallest one in the given thing okay as you can see here directly uh here the given numbers are zero point 0.27 five one point five zero point zero eight two zero point one zero three so after the decimal which is going to be a less okay it should see one point five it's really very great in the zero fraction value this is going to be greater one so eliminate this one zero point two seven is there 0.082 okay we know 2 is greater than 1 is greater than 0 okay so after immediately after decimal if you see here 1 is there yet 0 is there yet so you what you think this is gonna be smallest value right because it's 0.082 okay even you keep zeros here it will not become it's no value with that okay even you make the four decimals also it will be very small so this is going to be the answer so i hope you understood this video subscribe to channel regular updates if you have any queries in the comment section and thanks for watching this video
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