NCERT Solutions Class 9 Mathematics Solutions for Probability - Exercise 15.1 in Chapter 15 - Probability

Question 3 Probability - Exercise 15.1

1500 families with 2 children were selected randomly, and the following data were recorded:

Question 3 Image - NCERT Mathematics Solutions - Class 9 chapter Probability

Compute the probability of a family, chosen at random, having No girl

Also, check whether the sum of these probabilities is 1.


Probability is a metric for determining the possibility of an event occurring. Many things are impossible to forecast with 100% accuracy. Using it, we can only anticipate the probability of an event occurring, i.e. how probable it is to occur. Probability can range from 0 to 1, with 0 indicating an improbable event and 1 indicating a certain event.


Total numbers of families = 1500

Numbers of families having 2 girls = 211

Probability = Numbers of families having 0 girls/Total numbers of families


Sum of the probability = \frac{19}{60}+\frac{407}{750}+\frac{211}{1500}




Yes, the sum of these probabilities is 1.

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