NCERT Solutions Class 9 Mathematics Solutions for Probability - Exercise 15.1 in Chapter 15 - Probability

Question 2 Probability - Exercise 15.1

1500 families with 2 children were selected randomly, and the following data were recorded:

Question 2 Image - NCERT Mathematics Solutions - Class 9 chapter Probability

Compute the probability of a family, chosen at random, having 2 girls.

Also, check whether the sum of these probabilities is 1.


Probability is an area of mathematics that deals with the possibility of a random experiment occurring. Probability denotes the possibility of something happening.

In an experiment, the probability formula is the ratio of the number of favourable events to the total number of events.


Total numbers of families = 1500

Numbers of families having 2 girls = 475

Probability = Numbers of families having 2 girls/Total number of families



Yes, the sum of these probabilities is 1.

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