NCERT Solutions Class 8 Mathematics Solutions for Exercise 8.2 in Chapter 8 - Comparing Quantities

Question 2 Exercise 8.2

Q1) A man got a 10% increase in his salary. If his new salary is Rs.1,54,000, find his original salary.



Let the original salary be Rs.100.

Therefore New salary i.e., 10% increase

= 100 + 10 = Rs.110

\because New salary is Rs.110, when original salary = Rs.100

\therefore New salary is Rs.1, when original salary = \frac{100}{110}

\therefore New salary is Rs.1,54,000, when original salary = \frac{100}{110}\times154000=Rs.\ 1,40,000

Hence original salary is Rs. 1,40,000.

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