NCERT Solutions Class 8 Mathematics Solutions for Exercise 15.1 in Chapter 15 - Introduction to Graphs

Question 12 Exercise 15.1

Q6) A courier-person cycles from a town to a neighboring suburban area to deliver a parcel to a merchant. His distance from the town at different times is shown by the following graph.

Question 12 Image - NCERT Solutions - Mathematics , Class 8 chapter Introduction to Graphs

(a) What is the scale taken for the time axis?

(b) How much time did the person take for travel?

(c) How far is the place of the merchant from the town?

(d) Did the person stop on his way? Explain.

(e) During which period did he ride the fastest?



(a) 4 units = 1 hour.

(b) The person took 3\ \frac{1}{2} hours for the travel.

(c) It was 22 km far from the town.

(d) Yes, this has been indicated by the horizontal part of the graph. He stayed from 10 am to 10.30 am.

(e) He rode the fastest between 8 am and 9 am.

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