NCERT Solutions Class 8 Mathematics Solutions for Exercise 13.1 in Chapter 13 - Direct and Inverse Proportions

Question 1 Exercise 13.1

Q1) Followings are the car parking charges near a railway station Opto

Question 1 Image - NCERT Solutions - Mathematics , Class 8 chapter Direct and Inverse Proportions

Check if the parking charges are in a direct proportion to parking time.



Charges per hour.

^C1=\frac{60}{4}=\ Rs.\ 15

^C2=\frac{100}{8}=\ Rs.\ 12.50

^C3=\frac{140}{12}=\ Rs.\ 11.67

^C4=\ \frac{180}{4}=\ Rs.\ 7.50

Here, the charges per hour are not same.

i.e ^C1\ne^C2\ne^C3\ne^C4

Therefore, the parking charges are not in direct proportions to the parking time.

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