NCERT Solutions Class 8 Mathematics Solutions for Exercise 1.1 in Chapter 1 - Rational Numbers

Question 48 Exercise 1.1

\text { Tell what property allows you to compute } \frac{1}{3} \times\left(6 \times \frac{4}{3}\right) \text { as }\left(\frac{1}{3} \times 6\right) \times \frac{4}{3}


\frac{1}{3} \times\left(6 \times \frac{4}{3}\right)=\left(\frac{1}{3} \times 6\right) \times \frac{4}{3}

Here, the way in which factors are grouped in a multiplication problem, supposedly, does not change the product. Hence, Associativity Property is used here.

Video transcript
"hello students i am rita your maths leader tutor and the today's question is tell what property allows you to compute and the question is 3 by 1 into 6 into 3 by 4 as 3 by 1 into 6 into 3 by 4 so the name of this property is associative property the answer of this question is so sheatif associative property in associative property f is a into b into c is equal to a into b into c so this is called the associative property i hope you like this video so please subscribe lido for more updates and do comment your questions thank you "
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