NCERT Solutions Class 8 Mathematics Solutions for Exercise 1.1 in Chapter 1 - Rational Numbers

Question 46 Exercise 1.1

\text { Multiply } \frac{b}{13} \text { by the reciprocal of } \frac{-7}{16}


\text { Reciprocal of } \frac{-7}{16}=\frac{16}{-7}=\frac{-16}{7}

According to the question,

\begin{array}{l} \frac{6}{13} \times\left(\text { Reciprocal of } \frac{-7}{16}\right) \\ \Rightarrow \frac{6}{13} \times \frac{-16}{7}=\frac{-96}{91} \end{array}

Video transcript
"hello guys welcome back to the homework i'm davin kumar working as a tutor that we do so today we are going to solve one very easy and interesting problem so let's see how we can do it here so multiply 6 by 13 by the reciprocal of 16 by -7 so we can do it so multiply 6 by 13 with reciprocal reciprocal of minus 7 by 16 is equal to how much so that is 16 by minus 7 right so 16 by minus 7 will be the exact reciprocal that is we can say it has inverse also okay so now 6 by 13 into 16 by minus 7 so that is equals to 16 x is equals to that is 96 by 91 so here it will be minus so this is our final answer here so that is minus 96 by 91 also we can say or else or else 96 by minus 91 also we can say but in denominators mostly we'll be not finding any minus so it is exactly to the numerator so i hope you understood what it is thinking of the like what i've done here if you have any doubts please comment below don't forget to subscribe to this channel thank you so much for watching this and stay tuned thank you "
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