NCERT Solutions Class 8 Mathematics Solutions for Exercise 1.1 in Chapter 1 - Rational Numbers

Question 41 Exercise 1.1

Q5) Name the property under multiplication used in each of the following.

(i) \frac{-4}{5}\times1=1\times\frac{-4}{5}=\ \frac{-4}{5}

(ii) \frac{-13}{17}\times\frac{-2}{7}=\ \frac{-2}{7}\times\ \frac{-13}{17}

(iii) \frac{-19}{29}\ \times\ \frac{29}{-19}=\ 1


Solution 5:

(i): Multiplicative Property

(ii): Commutative Property

(iii): Multiplicative Inverse Property

Video transcript
"let's see how we're going to solve the question so the question says name the property under multiplication using each of the formula so to understand that let's quickly write the first part the first part is is and c is multiplied into both sides of the equation then the product ac will still be equal to bc similarly here we can see that one is multiplied on both sides of the equation which gives us a filled up same great let's see the second part so the second part by 17 into negative 2 by 7 is equal to negative 2 by 7 into negative 13 by 17. now let's see which property is this if you remember this is become mutated t will be good let's see this property says this property says if i multiply a into b and from multiply b into a then the product will remain same just to give you an example if you multiply two and you get three or three into two both of them will equal the same that's in the last and final part and which is this property this is multiplicative inverse property right and if we remember what this property says it says if a is multiplied by its multiplicative in modes then the product shall always be one now these properties are very important and you should remember okay thank you "
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