NCERT Solutions Class 7 Mathematics Solutions for Exercise 3.4 in Chapter 3 - Data Handling

Question 1 Exercise 3.4

Q3) A coin is flipped to decide which team starts the game. What is the probability that your team will start?



Sample space of a coin = H, T

n(s) = 2

Number if successful event = 1

n(e) = 1

PRobability = \frac{Number\ of\ favourable\ outcomes}{Total\ number\ of\ outcomes}

= \frac{1}{2}

Video transcript
"hi friends welcome to lido homework so today we are going to solve this interesting question so the question says that a coin was flipped to decide which steam starts the game so what is the probability that your team will start the game so basically a coin have two faces okay so one is head and one is tail okay so now one team can either choose head or tail so what is the pro probability that your team starts first so for example let us think we started with head so our selection is head okay so the probability of our team to start the game is the number of favorable outcomes so we will win the game that means we will start the game when the toss the flipped coin shows hit right so that is one by what are the total number of outcomes either head can come or tail can come so there are two possible outcomes so the probability that we will start a game is one by two similarly if you select tail also that means the opposite team let us just find for the opposite team also so the probability for the opposite team is if you select tail that means the opposite team selected t so the tail can come and what are the total number of events that is two so the probability of the other team to start the game is one by two so both of your team has equal probabilities to start the game okay so that's for this video if you have any doubts please put it in the comment section and if you like this video please like it and share it to your friends and if you want more such videos you can subscribe to the channel thank you "
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