NCERT Solutions Class 7 Mathematics Solutions for Exercise 3.1 in Chapter 3 - Data Handling

Question 4 Exercise 3.1

Q4) A cricketer scores the following runs in eight innings:

58, 76, 40, 35, 46, 45, 0, 100. Find the mean score.



Mean = \frac{Sum\ of\ all\ runs}{Total\ no.\ of\ innings}

= \frac{58+76+40+35+46+45+0+100}{8}

= \frac{400}{8}

= 50

Therefore, the mean = 50

Video transcript
"Hello everyone. Welcome to little home box session today. We are going to solve the problem from the chapter data handling. Today's question is a cricketers course the following runs in eight Innings 5876 4034 4645 zero and hundred find the mean score. So before we solve the problem Quickly recapitulate what the formula to calculate mean is so we know the formula to calculate mean Is sum of all observations? Divided by the total number of observations Okay, now that we know the formula we just have to substitute the values in the formula to get our answer. So for the numerator, we need to add all the data points that's given to us which means 58 + 76 + 40 + 35 + 46 plus 45 plus 0 plus hundred and for the denominator. We need to count. How many data points are there? We already know that the number of innings is 8 so we know that we have eight data points here. So we are going to write the denominator as eight sometimes. This is not given to us in such cases. We count how many observations how many data points are given to us. All right, I encourage all of you to pause the video at this stage solve the numerical on your own and replay the video to check if you are. Answered tallies with mine Alright, I hope you back after trying to solve it on your own. So the answer I got is 400 by 8, which is 50. Okay. I hope you found this video helpful and fun. If you have any other questions, or you know, what different method of solving the same problem drop it in the comment section below hit subscribe to get regular updates about this Channel, and I'll see you in the next session until then. Stay safe. Goodbye. "
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