NCERT Solutions Class 7 Mathematics Solutions for Exercise 11.3 in Chapter 11 - Perimeter and Area

Question 17 Exercise 11.3

Q13) A circular flower bed is surrounded by a path 4 m wide. The diameter of the flower bed is 66 m. What is the area of this path? \left(\pi=3.14\right)

Question 17 Image - NCERT Solutions - Mathematics, Class 7 chapter Perimeter and Area


Solution 13:

Diameter of the flower bed= 66m

Radius= \frac{66}{2}=33m

Width of the path= 4m

Radius of the flower bed included path


Let r_2=37m

Area of the circular path= \pi\left(r\binom{2}{2}-r\binom{2}{1}\right)


=3.14\times\left(37+33\right)\left(37-33\right)\left[Y\ a^2-b^2=\left(a+b\right)\left(a-b\right)\right]


Hence, the required area= 879.20m^2

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