NCERT Solutions Class 6 Mathematics Solutions for Exercise 4.4 in Chapter 4 - Basic Geometrical Ideas

Question 4 Exercise 4.4

(a) Identify three triangles in the figure.

(b) Write the names of seven angles.

(c) Write the names of six line segments

(d) Which two triangles have ∠B as common?

Question 4 Image - NCERT Solutions - Mathematics, Class 6 chapter Basic Geometrical Ideas


(a) The three triangles are ∠ABD, ∠ACB, ∠ADC

(b) The angles are ∠BAC, ∠BAD, ∠CAD, ∠ADB, ∠ADC, ∠ABC, ∠ACB

(c) The line segments are \overline{A B}, \overline{A C}, \overline{B C}, \overline{A D}, \overrightarrow{B D}, \overline{D C}

(d) ∠ABD and ∠ABC are triangles which have ∠B as common.

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"welcome to leader learning question answer video solution i am visual for your mathematics tutor and today's question is which of the following lie on the x-axis now to solve this question one needs to keep one thing in mind that x-axis is this one and the y-axis is the vertical one x-axis is horizontal y-axis is vertical all right now second thing is whenever someone needs to mark a point on the coordinate so it needs to be marked like this and let's see what is the name of the coordinate so let me drop down the lines okay lines have been dropped up and let's see what's the coordinate so it's 6 comma 6 that means the first coordinate will always move x-axis and the second coordinate is always been used y-axis so in this question i have marked some of the points and the coordinates on the graph so you can clearly see that that point number a is 0 8 because on a x axis it is 0 and on the y axis it is 8 similarly happen with the b 4 0 similarly happen with c and rest of all of them but coming back to the question it is said that which of the following points lie on the x-axis now since your concept is clear you can say that they are always in the form of x comma 0 why because they are supposed to lie on the x-axis so on the x-axis only three points are lying and what are those three points those three points are minus six comma zero minus one comma zero and four comma zero so it's e and j thank you so much for watching kids for more video subscribe to leto and for any question any doubts any queries drop down in the comment section thank you so much and have a great day"
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