NCERT Solutions Class 6 Mathematics Solutions for Exercise 11.2 in Chapter 11 - Algebra

Question 6 Exercise 11.2

A cube is three dimensional figure as shown in Fig 11.11. It has six faces and all of them are identical squares. The length of an edge of the cube is given by l. Find the formula for the total length of the edges of a cube.

Question 6 Image - NCERT Solutions - Mathematics, Class 6 chapter Algebra


Length of an edge of the cube = l

Number of edges = 12

Total length of the edges = Number of edges × length of an edge


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"hello guys welcome back to the drone work i am revant kumar working as a tutorial tutor so today we are going to solve an interesting problem so let's see what is that here the boundaries of this all its are curves so is this correct now observe properly so if you are taking any solids like it may be of sphere if you are taking sphere then the how does all it will be there exactly like this right and do we have any boundaries for this sphere no we don't have any boundaries right we don't have any boundaries but if you are taking the cube okay if you are taking the cube so the cube will be exactly like this right so this is how the cube will be there so now or cuboid or anything or it may be so now does this curves so are they curves no they are not the curves okay so they are not the curves and the statement is false okay so the statement is false here so i hope you have understood and each and everything like what i've done here if you have any doubts please comment below don't forget to subscribe to this channel thank you so much for watching this stay tuned thank you"
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