NCERT Solutions Class 6 Mathematics Solutions for Exercise 11.1 in Chapter 11 - Algebra

Question 12 Exercise 11.1

A bird flies 1 kilometer in one minute. Can you express the distance covered by the birds in terms of its flying time in minutes? (Use t for flying time in minutes.)


Let t minutes be the flying times

Distance covered in one minute = 1 km

Distance covered in t minutes = Distance covered in one minute × Flying time

= 1 × t

= t km

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"hello everyone i am sumanjali math tutor from leader learning welcome to question and answer session given question is the side faces of a pyramid are triangle squares polygons and trapeziums okay four options was given we need to identify the correct option okay here we you can observe different pyramid different pyramids are having a different basis but you can observe that or in all the pyramids so there is a common one okay so this is the face of a pyramid okay so this side is referred as a face of a pyramid and the bottom most part is referred as base of a pyramid okay so the face of a pyramid is always triangular in shape okay so pyramid is a three-dimensional three-dimensional solid which is having a triangular faces and the base could be any polygon okay so the correct answer is triangles so here if you observe so this pyramid having a pentagon base base and here if you observe this pyramid this is having a hexagon base and the next one is having square base okay so whatever may be the shape of the base there is a triangular base also whatever may be the base of base shape so the face shape is always the triangles could be the face of a pyramids always okay that's all hope you understand if you have further questions reach us at comment section and subscribe to the channel leader learning for further queries thank you"
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