NCERT Solutions Class 6 Mathematics Solutions for Exercise 5.7 in Chapter 5 - Understanding Elementary Shapes

Question 5 Exercise 5.7

Q3) A figure is said to be regular if its sides are equal in length and angles are equal in measure. Can you identify the regular quadrilateral?



A square is a regular quadrilateral.

Video transcript
"Hello guys, welcome to your new home. Question number three Regular if its sides are equal in length and angles are equal in measure and you identify the regular. I will call you later. How can you? First of all Let's try to understand this. It will only siding with all the angles are equal. So this is a table in particular the right thing. It will not be because in the rectangle two sides are different. The regular quadrilateral is a square. So, let me pull up a square foot. Okay regular vodka, why is where it was all the sides first of all the signs was wearing but if this side is a then all this activity and all the angles of as we're also all the answers. Thank you guys. Thank you for watching the video."
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