NCERT Solutions Class 6 Mathematics Solutions for Exercise 12.1 in Chapter 12 - Ratio and Proportion

Question 16 Exercise 12.1

16) Present age of father is 42 years and that of his son is 14

years. Find the ratio of

(a) Present age of father to the present age of son.

(b) Age of the father to the age of son, when son was 12

years old.

(c) Age of father after 10 years to the age of son after 10 years.

(d) Age of father to the age of son when father was 30 years old.


Solution 16:

(a) Ratio of father’s present age to that of son= \frac{42}{14}=\frac{3}{1}=3:1

(b) When son was 12 years, i.e., 2 years ago, then father was (42 – 2) = 40 years

Therefore, the ratio of their ages = \frac{42}{14}=\frac{3}{1}=3:1

(c) Age of father after 10 years = 42 + 10 = 52 years

Age of son after 10 years = 14 + 10 = 24 years

Therefore, ratio of their ages = \frac{42}{14}=\frac{3}{1}=3:1

(d) When father was 30 years old, i.e., 12 years ago, then son was (14 – 12) = 2 years old

Therefore, the ratio of their ages = \frac{30}{2}=\frac{15}{1}=15:1

Video transcript
Welcome Kelly don't work. Today. We're doing a question by 60 which is the present age of the father is 42 years. The present age of the father is 42 your business present age of father and that efficient and that a person is 40. So for the Sun, the present age is 40 find the ratio of the present age of father with a Blazer deduction. So you just divide both of them, right? So your answer will be 3 is 2 so the answer to the question is this one this mode of the next Next one is B which is an age of the father-to-be each of the sun and Sun most valuable. So that was two years ago. So right now it's 14 two years ago has been so your father was 14 that time so it will be 40 upon 12 because we subtract it. So after dividing the line between T is 6 3 and we get a clear answer is 10 is 2 Let's go to the next one. Which is the c 1 age of other after 10 years with the exception of written? So again, each of our up to 10 will become 42 plus 10, which is 52, and the age of our son also will become 14 plus 10, which is 20. Now you have provided so on dividing it will get well be 6 plus 6 plus 6
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