NCERT Solutions Class 6 Mathematics Solutions for Exercise 10.3 in Chapter 10 - Mensuration

Question 14 Exercise 10.3

Q8) A floor is 5 m long and 4 m wide. A square carpet of sides 3 m is laid on the floor. Find the area of the floor that is not carpeted.



Length of floor = 5 m and breadth of floor = 4 m

Area of floor = length x breadth

= 5 m x 4 m = 20 m.sq

Now, Side of square carpet = 3 m

Area of square carpet = side x side = 3 x 3 = 9 m.sq

Area of floor that is not carpeted = 20 m – 9 m = 11 m.sq

Video transcript
"The floor is 5 meters long. So this the length is 5 meters and 4 meters wide. So the bread is 4 meters. So first of all, let's find out the area. So the area will be 5 and performed because the area is equal to the length it to it. Print image element when he meets his back. So the area of this floor is 20 meters better now a square carpet of sides 3 meter. So the side of this square is 3 meters. So the area of this will be 3 squared because the area of the square is side squared which is equal to 3 into 3, which is equal to 9. So the total area of this is 9 and the total area of this is 20. The next thing that we need to do is we had we've been told that This carpet is turning up some space on this focus on this. Floor, so let me just increase the size a bit because let says that it's covering this much of the part. Yeah, now we have to find how much of this park is left. Okay, so to do that, we have to subtract the area of topics from the area of the floor which will be equal to let me erase this part of which will be equal to 20 minus 9. So $0.20 20 meters squared minus 9 meter Square, which is equal to 11 meter Square. Therefore the area that is left is 11 meters. Well, thank you so many guys for watching the video. If you have any more doubts, please let me know in the comment section. Also, please like the video and subscribe to our Channel."
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