NCERT Solutions Class 6 Mathematics Solutions for Exercise 10.3 in Chapter 10 - Mensuration

Question 6 Exercise 10.3

Q4) The area of a rectangle garden 50 m long is 300 m.sq, find the width of the garden.



Length of rectangle = 50 m and Area of rectangle = 300 m.sq

Since, Area of rectangle = length x breadth

Therefore, Breadth = \frac{Area\ of\ rec\tan gle}{Length} = 6m

Thus, the breadth of the garden is 6 m.

Video transcript
"Okay so welcome to elite homework today we are doing question number four in which the area of a rectangular garden 50 meters long is 300 meters squared Please find the width of the garden so length was given to us which is equal to 50 meters your area is given to us which is equal to 300 meter square but what we need to find is the width which is equal to x let us keep it x so first of all areas of a rectangle is equal length into breadth so the area will be 15 to the width which is equal to x is equal to 300 which is the area now you need to find the value of x so x when you take 50 on that side it will go into the denominator so x will be equal to 300 divided by 50 which is equal to 6 therefore the value of your width is 6 meters thank you so much guys for watching the video if you have any more doubts, please let me know in the comments section Also, please like this video and Subscribe to our channel thank you so much"
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