NCERT Solutions Class 6 Mathematics Solutions for Exercise 10.3 in Chapter 10 - Mensuration

Question 1 Exercise 10.3

Q1) Find the areas of the rectangles whose sides are:

(a) 3 cm and 4 cm

(b) 12 m and 21 m

(c) 2 km and 3 km

(d) 2 m and 70 cm



(a) Area of rectangle = length x breadth

= 3 cm x 4 cm = 12 cm.sq

(b) Area of rectangle = length x breadth

= 12 m x 21 m = 252 m.sq

(c) Area of rectangle = length x breadth

= 2 km x 3 km = 6 km.sq

(d) Area of rectangle = length x breadth

= 2 m x 70 cm = 2 m x 0.7 m = 1.4 m.sq

Video transcript
"Hello Guys completed homework today wedding, but number one which is find the areas of the following rectangle first for the formula for the area of a rectangle is length into breadth. So you just need to multiply the sides to get the answer. So let's start with the first one first is 3 centimeter and four centimeters here area will be 3 to 4, which is equal to 12 centimeter squared. Okay. So always remember that Eerie while writing area you put a square on top of centimeter. Next one is 12. 10:21, so you multiply 12 into 21 which will give you answer. The answer to this question is 252 centimeter Square. Next one is 2 kilometer in three kilometers under its meters by 2 meters where next one is too gloomy 20 kilometers will be 2 into 3, which will be equal to 6 kilometer Square. Next one is 2 and 70. So please note that although both the units are different here. It's Vita erat centimeter will make the centimeter into meter. There is becomes 2 into 2 into 0 .7 because I'm converting centimeter meter, which will be equal to one point four meter Square. Thank you so much guys for watching the video. If you have any more doubts, please let me know in the comments section. Thank you so much. "
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