ML Aggarwal Solutions Class 8 Mathematics Solutions for Percentage Exercise 7.3 in Chapter 7 - Percentage

Question 4 Percentage Exercise 7.3

A dealer gave a 9% discount on an electric fan and charges ₹ 728 from the customer. Find the marked

price of the fan.


Consider ₹ x as the M.P. of the fan

Discount = 9%

We know that

Amount of discount = 9% of ₹ x

It can be written as

= 9/100 × x

= ₹ 9x/100


Charges for customer = ₹ x - ₹9x/100

Substituting the values

728 = (100x – 9x)/ 100

By further calculation

728 = 91x/100

So we get

x = (728 × 100)/ 91

x = 8 × 100

x = 800

Therefore, the marked price of the fan is ₹ 800.

Video transcript
"hello everybody welcome to lido learning channel my name is rachna chaudhary and let's solve the question which is a dealer gave nine percent discount on an electric fan and charges rupees 728 from the customer so this is the price that customer has paid so that mean this is the selling price of the fan we have to find the marked price so let us consider the marked price is x now discount is nine percent given so nine percent we know that is always calculated of marked price discount is calculated of marked price so we have nine upon hundred multiplied by x so 9 x upon 100 this is the discount in rupees now selling price we know the formula of selling price is always marked price minus discount in rupees selling price is given to us in the question let's substitute the values 728 marked price is x this count is 9x upon 100 let's solve the right hand side first of all so it would be 100x minus 9x upon 100 so 728 is equal to 91 x upon 100 let's transpose 91 upon 100 to the left hand side so it would be multiplying 728 by flipping now we have to solve this we can simplify it by um 91 itself so after this simplification we would have 8 so 8 multiplied by 100 is equal to x that mean the value of x is 800 rupees that means it is marked price because we let x as marked price so rupees 800 is the marked price i hope you understand the method see you in my next video thank you for watching it don't forget to like share and subscribe leader learning channel "
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